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30 Sep 1997

Geeks: Is building software like building a Cathedral, or like a Bazaar?

In a zero-state world, you can't go on vacation any more.

29 Sep 1997

Gateway 2000 makes a new Amiga.

Because of his allegories, imagery, and his fascination with incredible animals, demons, and buildings, I had always put Hieonymous Bosch with the surrealists. Not so. He died in 1516.

25 Sep 1997

An Asteroids game, written in Dynamic HTML, in under 20K. (You need MS IE 4.0 for this, but it doesn't use ActiveX controls. It's all Dynamic HTML.)

I wish our clever young poets would remember my homely definitions of prose and poetry; that is, prose,--words in their best order; poetry,--the best words in their best order.
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Are you trying to come up with a cool new company name and want a matching domain name? Maybe something cool like "Three Monkeys" or "Fizbin?" InterNIC's WhoIs will tell you that they're all taken. (Use Full output to get the name of the people who own it.)

HyperHistory is cool.

Geeks: Vas ist das Yellow Box?

24 Sep 1997

One thing I think Ultima Online lacks is reasonable NPCs. The shopkeepers, peasants, and bards were dumb. Dumber than old Infocom characters. Maybe they should allow full-on bots. Julia, built to run on tinyMUD, isn't a rocket scientist, but she's not bad.

Geeks: This sounds a bit like OLEDB is moving into the OS.

23 Sep 1997

What you say in your suicide note is important.

Crowley-Lovecraft connection?

Hello, Cthulu!

22 Sep 1997

SF Bay Trojans: SoFA

Welcome to the new Foam Totem! The Foamster is going to change a bit; I'm not planning on making many more Tales of the Totem. I have my own Tales to tell.

The site is currently split into to three parts. Flotsam, SF Bay Trojans, and Totem Tales. Flotsam is semi-daily stuff which amuses or interests me. You're soaking in it right now. SF Bay Trojans is an archive of the SF Bay Trojans mailing list. Totem Tales is the Foam Totem's previous incarnation.

Everything but the old Tales section is being put together with some Perl scripts. The formatting and linking is so much easier that doing it by hand.

Here's what flotsam and jetsam really are.

A T-shirt all programmers should have.

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