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31 Oct 1997

Happy Hallowe'en!

Official Halloween home page

30 Oct 1997

Bitter and Angry Day

Thou rank swag-bellied mammet!

Fun with psychosis!

There appears to be an epidemic.

The Book of Bitterness

Many people hate the Spice Girls and Barney.

Ralph Nader has either a) been brainwashed, or b) has his Hyperbole on stun.

Stop yelling.

What kind of anger do you have? Cholos, menis, or kotos?

How many days have you been bitter?


Equal Time: I mentioned the Rosicrucians, it's only fair that you should meet the Scientologists.

28 Oct 1997

Bob's Foam Factory: For all your foam needs. He has buns of Raw Foam! We love Bob!

Intentional Communtities

27 Oct 1997

Microsoft counter-sues Sun. And it's pretty convincing, too.

We could all be running MacOS right now.

23 Oct 1997

A fantatsic reinterpretation of Prometheus Bound.

"It's a metaphor; a way of life."

Whoops Again! In the email version of the SF Bay Trojans, I gave the wrong name of the brewpub. It's Twenty Tanks Brewery.

Whoops! I forgot to put the web links into the email, check it out through the link below.

SF Bay Trojans: MOMA or MOBA?

21 Oct 1997

SF Bay Trojans: Californian Mortal Kombat

From Marcel Parnas, classical musician: Step into your bellbottoms and groove to your own beat.

20 Oct 1997

Analysis of what MS wants out of Java.

Spooky! Rube Goldberg and his disembodied hand.

Official Rube Goldberg site.

17 Oct 1997

The erect organ as the square root of minus one. (Meaning that it's imaginary, maybe? Or simply irrational? Or impossible to grasp?)

16 Oct 1997

Hey! Let's build our own little world away from everyone else which will be a capitalist paradise and a libertarian refuge for all right-thinking people who can afford the price and don't care how ugly it is!

15 Oct 1997

Cassini Day!

Cassini finally lifts off!






Cassini and Longitude

Cassini of your own!

Java 'till you boot

Sun legally rants in their amended complaint against Microsoft. Asking for: three times what MS has made on Java, an injunction against MS from using the Java trademark, damages of $35 million, and return of their source code.

Microsoft and Sun both post the Java technology license contract.

Sun posts the trademark license.

Microsoft's FAQ on the contract.

13 Oct 1997

Smash your brain with the Self Referential Aptitude Test.

The Ig-Nobel Prizes were presented on October 9th. Winners include "Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis" and "The Possible Pain Experienced During Execution by Different Methods."

Wired's report on the proceedings.


It's a man's life with Forbes Digital Tool.

Geeks: A few more crumbs from MS about COM+. Extracted, they are:

  • System provided implemntations of IUnknown, Class Factory, DLLRegisterServer et al, IDL, TypeInfo, IDispatch, IConnectionPoint et al, IProvideClassInfo, IPersist
  • Interception was a key concept and is "The key to extensible services". Allows Instance creation, method call and return, dynamically redefine methods
  • Some services: Transactions, Data Binding, Persistence, Load balancing, Security, Events

10 Oct 1997

Scripting News is the first place I go when I get to work. Dave Winer has a genuine excitement about the software industry that I find infectious.

(His site may also remind you of another site you're familiar with...)

9 Oct 1997

SF Bay Trojans: Silicon Valley Spam


Gates on Sun: "They have always hated PCs."

7 Oct 1997

CAD Overlay is now Autodesk® CAD Overlay® Release 14. Not much, if any, of my code is in it now, but the features are the same old tried-and-true Image Systems ones. Raster Snap, polygonal masks, Rub, Crop, Enhance, Match, file locking, and all the rest are still there. It's freaky to see the Autodesk name on it.

Sun sues Microsoft over Java.
Sun's official press release.
A set of stories about the Sun and MS fight.

From the MS Professional Developer Conference:

  • Code Base for Windows NT
    • NT 3.1 - 6M lines of code
    • NT 4.0 - 16.5M lines of code
    • NT 5.0 Beta 1 - 27M lines of code
  • Time to do a Build of NT
    • X86 X4 Processor System with 200MB of Memory - 11 hours
  • A New Build of NT 5.0 is done every day
  • Development Team for NT 5.0
    • 400 Development
    • 400 Test
    • 150 UI
    • 250 International Versions
    • 100 Program Management

6 Oct 1997

Bill "Yoda" Gates from a CNET interview:
"The question you should be asking yourself is why do we keep the price of Windows so low? That's what you have to ask yourself. Only when you understand that will you understand Microsoft."

Does this tell you more about the listener than the speaker?

Maybe Apple should get out its MLA Handbook.

2 Oct 1997

Finally, a tablet which is also a display.

Crazy spoonhead IE4.0 programmers.

1 Oct 1997

I apologize in advance for these items:

Discovery of the LEVD! Maybe this is the breakthorugh we need to get a large-screen TV I can hang on my wall. This discovery builds from the groundwork Digital has done in this arena.

Pickman used models exotic
Well-versed in matters necrotic,
They're burrowing still
Out under Copp's Hill
And all who know are psychotic.

Check out our sister sites: and

Look Ma! Another pitiful use of VRML!

And, on a more serious note:

At an Intel Developer Forum, they showed a chip made with Intel's .25 micron production technology, in which the individual atomic layers could be counted and identified.

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