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25 Nov 1997

One month until Christmas!

Prepare to be blown away. QNX has a complete real-time, multitasking, Posix operating system; a Motif-ish GUI; a HTMl 3.2 web browser; a web server; and an entire filesystem which fits on a single 1.44 M floppy disk. Try it! Maybe operating systems aren't doomed to exponential expansion.

23 Nov 1997

SF Bay Trojans: Why California Doesn't Suck

22 Nov 1997

Intel says that Cyrix still doesn't have access to the trade secrets that they need to make a Pentium II clone.

21 Nov 1997

Cyrix apparently has the rights to Intel intellectual property for making Slot 1 (i.e. Pentium II) CPUs.

ESRI gets into business analysis, which has traditionally been MapInfo's claim to fame.

20 Nov 1997

Geeks: Is subject-oriented programming the next step beyond object-oriented programming and patterns?

17 Nov 1997

Jakob Nielsen's absolutely awesome Alertbox column examines the useability of the Web and computers. Check it out.

16 Nov 1997

Civil unrest in Britannia!

I don't know if you've been watching the news about the recent arrest and possible extradition of Eugene Kashpureff (the AlterNIC guy who gave AlterNIC's address when requested for InterNIC's), but it seems to me like he's being burned at the stake. He settled out of court with InterNIC and apologized publicy for what he did. Why is the FBI so hot over this?

11 Nov 1997

Veteran's Day

Sun says that it over-optimized.

6 Nov 1997

Sun claims that it was supposed to cheat on the java benchmark!

Even better, Sun says it's a Microsoft ploy.

5 Nov 1997

Doh! Alert reader Curt Krone finds this tidbit about the value of ethics at Sun. Moral: If you're going to whine about right and wrong, don't do wrong.

3 Nov 1997

SF Bay Trojans: Knicknacks of my Soul

Magic players: ChronX looks pretty cool.

Bill Gates revealed by the Book of Revelation.

Is the Torah riddled with secret codes?

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