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19 Dec 1997

SF Bay Trojans: Some Holiday Reading

I'm going on vacation, so you won't see anything new here until January 5th or so. Happy Holidays!

17 Dec 1997

Snow Crash is real.

16 Dec 1997

"Troy is the banner city of Americans upon the trades union sentiment, and everything concerning the welfare of working men."

13 Dec 1997

There's a bunch of people out there who want to preserve all of those old arcade games which I dropped many a quarter into in days past. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to get one representative of every coin-op game ever played because when newer games came out, they reused the cabinets and a bunch of the circuitry. Basically, the upgraded the box to play a new game.

Anyway, a number of programmers are working together to make MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. It's cool. It currently emulates around 250 games. These are true emulations, not ports. Someone dumped the ROMs from the original machines which are then read be the emulator and run.

This is so cool that Craig, Mike and I are building an arcade machine box to house it. Joust, Moon Patrol, Tutankham, Space Duel. Gauntlet! (MAME will support it soon, too.)

Yes, we're geeks.

Since this flotsam page was getting a bit long, I've had it magically split up by month. You can look at previous months by using the Aged Flotsam links over on the left.

12 Dec 1997

Monkeypox. Again.

3 Dec 1997

Ahhhhhh! LA Times boned me too! No more Monkeypox!

Yesterday, I had a few links to the SJ Mercury News. Apparently, all old news is for subscribers only. So, I rejected them and their capitalist subscription policy and attempted to find replacement links.

At long last, a new dollar coin.

Monkeypox! (LA Times dead link)

2 Dec 1997

"After a while, how much money does one need?" (SJ Merc dead link)

At long last, a new dollar coin. (SJ Merc dead link)

Monkeypox! (SJ Merc dead link)

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