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Last update: 14 Jun 2003 -- 10:40pm
30 Jan 1998

From ex-homeowner Curt Krone:
Park your bitchin' Camaro at one of the Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi.

29 Jan 1998

From fellow monkey Michele Liguori:
More on the monkey attacks in Japan.

Monkey virus in polio vaccine wasn't dangerous.

28 Jan 1998

Happy Chinese New Year!

Strangely enough, Scotland Online has the nicest page I could find about the Year of the Tiger.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm a monkey.

Cool: Lego MindStorms

Beware of the Monkeys

23 Jan 1998

Mousse Totem?
Schaumgummi Totem?

Don Box has had too much COM.

Bali and Beyond is a pretty neat site about Indonesian art and performance. Listen to the Gamelan and make your own shadow puppet!

Slice and Dice! A nifty java app to cut through our favorite expired death row inmate.

Everyone has probably heard already, but Netscape is planning to free the source code to Communicator 5.0 under a GPL-like (also known as copyleft) license.

20 Jan 1998

Chris Crawford can help you create a world.

From the inimitable Marcel Parnas:
A fairly comprehensive site about Christopher Alexander.

19 Jan 1998

Everything Melville

Literary scrimshaw?

Albany is just soaking in literary heritage.

Moby Dick Rocks!

15 Jan 1998

Larry Wall: "[...] I'm a firm believer that a language -- whether it's a natural language or a computer language -- ought to be an amoral artistic medium."

14 Jan 1998

Think about it: Jesse Helms may live 40% longer!

13 Jan 1998

First Snow Crash, and now Diamond Age. The future is happening.

12 Jan 1998

Richard Hamming, who invented Hamming code (an error-correction scheme used in everything) dies. Imagine if he patented it.

The History of Mathematics Archive has over a thousand biographies of famous mathemeticians. It also has a cool section on famous curves.

9 Jan 1998

Bond: You know what they call a ... a ... a martini shaken not stirred in Paris?

7 Jan 1998

From alert Foamster, and resident urban legend (UL) debunker, Michele Liguori:
More Disney ULs, including Walt's supposed cryonic freezing at his death.

The UL entry for "White Wilderness."

6 Jan 1998

"In film and video, the ethical line between reality and artifice was blurred long ago. [...] Disney's 1958 White Wilderness taught a generation of schoolchildren--and many adults--that lemmings commit mass suicide. They don't. The filmmakers purchased about 1,000 of the small rodents collected by Eskimo children and, in a scene that has become a wildlife classic, drove the hapless critters over a cliff to their deaths."

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