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Last update: 14 Jun 2003 -- 10:40pm
18 Apr 1999

Crossword puzzle-solving computer program.

16 Apr 1999

Prove to me that it won't be like sticking a red-hot knitting needle into my eye.

First solar system is found. Doh!:

The innermost of the three planets circles Epsilon - and only about 8 million kilometres from its surface. Its 'year' would be only 4.6 days. Although the planet is estimated to be about the mass of Jupiter, it must be a completely different world.
Discovery of Extrasolar Planets homepage

13 Apr 1999

"Like 'spirits from the vasty deep,' they come not when we call,"

A FAQ on Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon

[I]t contains a new cryptosystem invented by Bruce Schneier, called Solitaire. [...] The full text of [the] perl script [that encrypts and decrypts Solitaire] appears in the body of the novel. Since Solitaire is strong enough to be subject to U.S. laws governing export of crypto technology, this means that when the text of the novel is rendered in electronic form it becomes an export-controlled good.

[...] Solitaire is specifically designed to offer security against high-tech cryptanalysis, but it is implemented on a low-tech system: an ordinary deck of playing cards. In other words, it is intended for use by people who are living under political regimes where the possession of crypto tools (computers, crypto software, etc.) is itself grounds for confiscation, punishment, etc.

2 Apr 1999

Jamie Zawinski gives up the Mozilla torch.

The Mozilla project has become too depressing, and too painful, for me to continue working on. I wanted Mozilla to become something that it has not, and I am tired of fighting and waiting to make it so. I have felt very ineffectual, and that's just not a good feeling.
This is a place I've been before.

1 Apr 1999

Apparently the Stephenson article has gotten a lot of hits. Here are some mirrors:

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