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Last update: 14 Jun 2003 -- 10:40pm
27 Feb 2001

Craig "Really, I'm working" Zinkievich finds:
404 from a brain the size of the universe

26 Feb 2001

Claude Shannon passes on to the chior eternal. Frodo finds an obit in a slightly more reliable publication.

21 Feb 2001

The Orb of Hotep has been revived and should be working now.

Dawn "Shutter Monkey" Gerlica has put up a bunch of pictures from the past couple group gatherings. Enjoy!

20 Feb 2001

Widely held belief is that the photo is from a Stratton Pond trip. Snufy has a few other pics from that trip (as well as many others). The year is still up for debate: 1993?

17 Feb 2001

Here's a scan of an ancient (and one of my favorite) photos. Does anyone know when this was taken? I'm pretty sure Dan took it. I had to do a lot of retouching to clean it up. The developing didn't balance the contrast well and the picture has begun to deteriorate from being on the refrigerator door. The clone brush is your friend!

16 Feb 2001


15 Feb 2001

Dawn "Delurking off the Startboard Bow!" Gerlica gives us:
A very special post-Valentine's Day Bush or Chimp

From the Insane Uses of Electricity Department: The incredible shrinking quarter

14 Feb 2001

Happy Valentine's Day!
The Naked Programmer Cam is back up. It is now doubly wrong: I'm never naked (on cam at least), and now I don't program.

Is it a vital message of international import, or is it spam?

11 Feb 2001

If you are seeing this, then the Foam Totem is up and running again. Woo hoo! is my new ISP and the switch over went really well. They are slightly more expensive than the cheap ISPs, but going with a cheap ISP didn't go too well.

10 Feb 2001

Catching up on my postcards; I have a new ones from rv, Mess, and the whole gang!

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