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Last update: 14 Jun 2003 -- 10:40pm
19 Aug 2001

Postcards! The postcard page has about ten new cards posted to it: more from Mess' stadium tour, a naked man french kissing a pig, a jackalope (a cousin to the 1996 Freak Show vorpal bunny), a Metropoloid waitress, and much, much more!

For those of you into the retro/lounge/cocktail music scene, check out KANU's Retro Cocktail Hour. Each show is about 50% hideous (some of you may think it's 100% hideous). Programs are archived for your pleasure.

17 Aug 2001

Dance Dance Resurrection!

Why is Google cool? Not because it's gives the best results in no time, not because they single out cool people in their company, but because you can tell it that your native language is Elmer Fudd. Take a look, there a couple other ones.

13 Aug 2001

After following last Thursday's link to Natures Harmonic Simultaneous Four Day Time Cube, Curt Krone found himself a bit confused. After Curt's brilliant question, the website's author himself explained everything:

Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 07:16:11 -0700
From: Gene Ray
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.7 [en]C-NSCPCD  (Win98; U)
X-Accept-Language: en,pdf
To: Curt Krone
Subject: Re: Time Cube

Being academically brainwashed and indoctrinated, you will have
difficulty comprehending Nature's Harmonic Time Cube until you
are deprogramed. A school is a church and a church is a school.
Both teach the same propaganda.

Gene Ray

Curt Krone wrote: > Dude, > > Just what are you talking about? > > thanks, > > curt

12 Aug 2001

I've improved the photo pages by making thumbnails and so on. You might actually like looking at them now, although the quality of the photos has not magically increased.

There is now a permanent link on the left side ("Photos") which brings you there.

I spent a little while doctoring the Cedar Point group photo so that it includes all of us.

11 Aug 2001

The Orb of Hotep had a minor mishap after the server upgrade and was improperly handling new prophecies. Horrors! Luckily, I log all of the entires and was able to get them properly submitted to the Wonderous Orb. You may find that pants will be optional in the oddest places and that you'll be humming tunes from Carmina Burana...

9 Aug 2001

Rick "Evil Hireling" Dakan finds:
Natures Harmonic Simultaneous Four Day Time Cube

"Humans are 1-corner beings (1-corner face 4-corner head) who rotate 4-corner lifetimes: baby, child, parent, g-parent. Time Cube debunks god lies. Evil people deny Time Cube. Educators are flat-out liars. Evil media hides Time Cube. -1 x -1=+1 is stupid and evil. Word worship equates to evil. Bible induces a barren Earth."

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