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Last update: 14 Jun 2003 -- 10:40pm
22 Dec 2002

I'm off to the East Coast. Returning on the 7th of January -- Oh. My. God. -- 2003.

17 Dec 2002

Hokey Spokes are really cool. Or really tacky. I think they're cool.

16 Dec 2002

We are experiencing technical difficulties...

Muppets on the FUUUEEDDD!

"Come aaaahhhhnnnn! Let's play Feuuuuuuuuud!" I can't believe Louie Anderson is employed in any capacity. He's so horrible. Do people actually watch this show of their own free will? It's enough to make me lie back and long for death.

In order to get through this, I've started fantasizing that the host of Family Feud isn't Louie Anderson -- it's elfin performance art diva Laurie Anderson. Laurie comes out on stage playing the theme song on her electric violin. Behind her, huge screens show repeating film clips of telephone poles and deserted mesas. Laurie welcomes us to the show: "There was this man. And there was this woman. And they were playing..." Plink, plink, plink. "... Family Feud." She paces around the stage. "It was a long road." Glance at the telephone poles. "It was a very..." Plink, plink. "... Long road." And then she plays an eight-minute piano solo on her tie.

I've resigned from my position as Engineering Manager at Broadcom. I am going to a PC game company named Cryptic Studios (also here in San Jose). They are the developers of an MMORPG (massively multiplayer on-line role playing game) called City of Heroes. Destroy Evil; Become Famous!

5 Dec 2002

Wooo. Holiday colors!

1 Dec 2002

Foamy Christmas Radio! [low bandwidth] [high bandwidth] There's a fairly arbitrary mix of stuff on there, so it might be heavy on one thing or another. If you have any specific stuff (include artist) which you want on there (or anything you hate you want yanked), drop me a line.

Also, the low bandwidth version is being generated as I post this. It won't be done for a couple hours.

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