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Last update: 14 Jun 2003 -- 10:40pm
28 Feb 2003

Mr. Rogers has appeared on Foam Totem before.

Apr 1998: Koko's favorite toy: Mr. Rogers

Oct 1999: A interview with Mister Rogers.

It's not the honors and the prizes and the fancy outsides of life which ultimately nourish our souls. It's the knowing that we can be trusted, that we never have to fear the truth, that the bedrock of our very being is good stuff.

Fred Rogers (of Mr. Rogers Neigborhood) died Thursday of stomach cancer.

27 Feb 2003

We occasionally use a chat program here at work, so I have one running all the time. I might not respond immediately (even if you see me on the NPCam). You can contact me on any of the following servcies with the given username. (I use Trillian for my chat program which chats on all the networks simultaneously.)

Clever the way I changed my screen name around there, huh? If you want to chat, make sure you tell me who you are if the screen name isn't obvious. Otherwise, I might assume you are advertising enlargement of some kind.

26 Feb 2003

Concerned Citizen Steve Murray Notes:
Infographics for a frightened world.

Also see some alternative interpretations.

25 Feb 2003

Threedegrees looks pretty cool. (And it's by Microsoft, believe it or not.) The fact that it only works on WindowsXP is a showstopper, though. I'm guessing there will be a knock-off anyway. It doesn't look like rocket science to me.

Whining hasn't worked: Let's buy the votes! Turkey agrees to let U.S. troop deployment for $15 billion.

21 Feb 2003

MapInfo's MapXtreme shreds on Traumatic Brain Injuries across the US. It's EXTREME!

(It doesn't appear as if the State Injury maps work. And they're using the one of the worst possible projections (Mercator?!) for the U.S. map. And it's slow. Have I mentioned that I still hold some MapInfo stock? And that it's at just over $3.00 right now?)

19 Feb 2003

Brief shuttle investigation update

Theories on the shuttle break-up

11 Feb 2003

Programmer SkyCam (tm)!

5 Feb 2003

Speeches of Former Rep. James Traficant

We have got hospitals slicing and dicing American people like Freddie Kruger, and Congress is passing more gun laws. Beam me up. There is something wrong in America when one is 80 times more likely to be killed by a doctor than Smith & Wesson. Think about it, 80 to 1. Maybe we need a gun in surgery.

2 Feb 2003

STS-107 "Columbia" Loss FAQ 1.0

There is a lot of information rolling on on the Shuttle accident. For an exhaustive list of news reports, check Google news. Find any story about the Shuttle (likely the first on on the page) and click on the "and 845 related" for the list.

The Naked Programmer Cam is back up for all the none of you who asked.

1 Feb 2003

Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates on re-entry. [CNN] [] [] [MSNBC] [BBC]

The U.S. Space Shuttle Columbia, flying STS 107 apparently dissentegrated over north Texas during re-entry. Columbia launched on January 16 for that orbiter's 28th journey. Communication was lost at 8:00 Central Time (14:00 GMT), 16 minutes prior to the scheduled landing, at an altitude of 200,000 feet (61km) and velocity of 12,000 miles per hour (19,000 km/h).

NASA TV Live (You can also try MSNBC's rebroadcast)
Crew biographies
Weather radar showing the debris

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