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Last update: 24 Jun 2003 -- 11:56am
24 Jun 2003

Quickie Hulk review:

At 138 minutes long, I felt like is was maybe a half hour longer than needed. The beginning of the movie was slow, though an admirable attempt was made at making science! look exciting. The back story is updated a bit for today, taking elements from the Hulk we know from TV and the grittier Hulk of more recent times and mixing it with a little too much "sins of the father" moralizing for my taste. (I guess in an Ang Lee movie, you gotta take the crunchy with the smooth.)

Don't get me wrong: when the Hulk is on the screen he smashes stuff gooood. The trailers made me worry about the animation, but it was ill-placed concern. The action scenes were cool. It occasionally suffered from the "How-many-times-will-his-[opponent]-come-back-from-nowhere-after-[it]-was-killed" syndrome. A couple great scenes with him crushing tanks and elevators and so on.

And then there's the "2001" climax. What was THAT all about?!

Better than Star Trek: Nemesis. Not as good as a Harry Potter Film. Worth a matinee.

17 Jun 2003

30 Seconds to Ice Cream.

14 Jun 2003

Postcard Update! L. Ron Hubbard, Jell-O, and the Masons!

The N+12th Fourth of July Recruitment Drive wants YOU!

10 Jun 2003

City of Heroes wins Best Online Multiplayer Game of E3!

With dozens of online multiplayer games shown at E3, it can be difficult to choose just one extraordinary title. Actually, no it isn't. Anyone who had the chance to play around with City of Heroes, an upcoming massively-multiplayer superhero-based role-playing game developed by San Jose-based Cryptic Studios, will agree the game serves as a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the MMORPG flock.

4 Jun 2003

If you remember, Haystack was an browser-based email search UI I was working on during my doldrums at Broadcom. It turns out that MIT has a Haystack too. Theirs does a bit more.

3 Jun 2003

The X-Men are coming. Mutants are real.

1 Jun 2003

Funniest. Satire. Ever. (Watch at least the first half.)

City of Heroes is the cover feature in PCGamer this month. The cover is pretty cool, and the article (though lacking any real content) good PR. You can get this mag at any newsstand; pretty cool! (Repeated from last month in case you missed it.)

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