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Last update: 24 Sep 2003 -- 8:36am
24 Sep 2003

CAP Reports does their Underworld review. It gets a 39. The only reason I mention this is that the movie lost a lot of points because of the purported "unholy" nature of vampires and werewolves.

In the backplot of Underworld (as in Blade, I think), both are caused by a virus. That's why you get infected when bitten. I wonder, then, are they unholy because they are imaginary creatures or because history has given them a bad rep? I doubt the Bible mentions thems as unholy, and they aren't minions of Satan.

This Foam Totem entry is funny because I'm lamenting how CAP Reports' quality has gone downhill. I've given the CAP rating on my reviews not because of the inherent silliness (to me) of their reviews, but because it's amusing to juxtapose entertainment and theological reviews. CAP Reports has always been consistent and fair (not to mention earnest) in their evaluations. I might not agree with their criteria, but they were consistent and gave useful reviews for their audience.

The Underworld review, though, is rejectable on its face as Bible-freak ranting. If all their recent reviews are in like tone, I think they'll turn off people who want good "Christian"-safe movie info but aren't raging Bible-freaks.

21 Sep 2003

Dont miss: Slice of GIs' life in Baghdad

20 Sep 2003

Oh, I forgot to mention: there was a preview for another Resident Evil movie coming in 2004. ZOMMMMBIIIIIIIEEEES!

Underworld (IMDB 7.1|CAP 39|Rot 30%)

I liked Underworld, regardless of the beating the critics gave it. It's very stylish in that leather-fetish and so-gray-it's-almost-a-black-and-white-movie sort of way. Lots of shadows, stagnant pools of opaque water, ruined old european buildings, and so on. All of which fit the underworld-ish atmosphere well. It's obvious though, there there were some budget problems: it's needs a couple exterior scenes to make it feel less like it was all shot in some basement. And they repeated an iffy transformation effect they shouldn't have.

When you think of a vampire vs. werewolf movie, though, you are probably thinking about of a lot of blood and not a whole lot of plot. So it came as a surprise to me that it has one. If you read reviews, half of them says it gets bogged down in it and the other half says that it's nonexistant. I grant that the characters are shallow and seem flat. But immortals are meant to be a bit inscrutable, right?

Of course there are bad moments in the moive, but I think they're all generally forgivable. It's a great matinee, and not as bad as The Muskateer. I recommend it for those who like the genre.

7 Sep 2003

Foam Totem has done a server switch-over. It's in an old Stellar computer: PII, 512MB RAM, lots more disk space (2x200GB disks, mirrored so we have 200 GB of user space), new OS (Debian Linux).

I had to recreate all the users, so all the passwords have been reset. I also had to recreate the permissions on your files. If something seems amiss, that's probably why.

If you see anything out of place or not working, drop me an email.

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