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Last update: 29 Nov 2003 -- 11:02am

Christmas Radio [high] [low]
26 Nov 2003

Well, Christmas-time is on its way, so I will torture you with a new color scheme. For your listening pleasure, I have provided Foamy Christmas Radio in both high and low bandwidth forms. It doesn't randomize the play order right now, but I'll get to it eventually.

Tell me if you have any problems with the radio stuff. It's new software which seems to work right. However, some stupid music players have a tough time with the links. Dunno why. Anyway, drop me an email if you're having problems.

21 Nov 2003

TSP update

19 Nov 2003

Japanese TV Superhero Hall of Fame

9 Nov 2003

How-Deee! Finally, a new postcard update. Cards from around the world: Ireland, Africa, Montreal, Epcot, and don't forget Buford, Wyoming! And MORE!

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society tries to root out the secrets behind the demise of A Shoggoth on the Roof. Watch the video, it's hysterical (though an obvious mockumentary).

Some things man was not meant to adapt to musical theatre.

4 Nov 2003

I had no plans to make a costume for Hallowe'en this year, but I was invited to a South Seas-themed party. Muon Hotep would not be denied! He sent one of his more evil-looking minions, as you can see to the right.

The original idea was to go only as a Maori warrior, which is basically the same thing as you see except with a scary tattooed face instead of a big scary mask. Although you can't see it (and I have no picture to prove it) I did make up my face as well since I figured I wouldn't be wearing the mask for long. The arm tattoos on the outside of the arm were much cooler than the ones you see. Painting them and my face took about 45 minutes. I used water-based blue and black (mixed together) stage makeup which worked surprisingly well. Modesty required that I wear a shirt, which had to be dyed a flesh-like color (RIT dye: 1 tsp tan and a 3/4 tsp rose pink).

All told, about 8 hours on the costume (with the shopping) whioch had to be done on the same day as our milestone. Which we hit.

I answered the door for trick-or-treaters in the mask. Small children thought it was scary, so it must have succeeded.

Here's the pic without the background removed. I am compelled to say that the picture is slightly touched up.

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