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Last update: 25 Sep 2005 -- 12:15am
25 Sep 2005

Don't click on it yet! Guess what this is a picture of...

19 Sep 2005

The third installment (and last, I think) of a cameraman's journal from New Orleans.

13 Sep 2005

From the personal diary of a news cameraman:

Iím only writing this because of what I watched on tv last night. It was the first chance Iíve had to see some of the coverage and what I watched was pathetic. [...]

There are almost no news crews in the field trying to cover the story. Hundreds, if not thousands of media people are in the region - but I have driven back and forth through some of the worst neighborhoods in the city and you donít see them. You donít see the National Guard... you donít see ANYONE, except for the poor unfortunate souls wandering the streets looking for food or water.[...]

Everyone on the street says, "Whereís the Red Cross? I gave them so much money after 9/11 and the tsunami - whereís the Red Cross". The cops Iíve asked say they are not here because they are afraid. The Red Cross says that the authorities are not letting them in the city. I find that hard to believe. The police canít even secure a few blocks, let alone keep the Red Cross out. Helping victims in New Orleans is exactly why the Red Cross was created.

5 Sep 2005

This is not a science fiction story. This is real. (Excerpted and edited for brevity below, there is much more in the original.)

The highways are empty past the checkpoints, as is the city. Most of the streets are blocked by fallen trees. On the roads that are open, police and relief vehicles drive in whatever direction they want. The sense of emptiness in the city is overwhelming. I pass a Whole Foods with its door propped open, alarm still ringing, panes of glass intact.

It's only a day since tens of thousands of people were rapidly evacuated from the Convention Center after being jammed inside it for five days. Trash is strewn everywhere. Nothing in the Gulf Coast seems to symbolize the tragedy more than the excess of garbage and human waste.

Geraldo Rivera arrives in a Fox News truck. An elderly woman with blond hair grips his elbow. She's wearing thick dark glasses and a pink shirt. He carries her small white dog in his arms.

The woman had been stranded in her home for six days. The woman looks frail on his arm, though not as bad perhaps as a lady collapsed on a chair nearby, unable to move. Or a woman in a wheelchair being lifted from the truck, carrying her prosthetic leg on her lap.

"That's the second time he brought her here," one of the doctors tells me, nodding toward Geraldo. "They did two takes. Geraldo made that poor woman walk from the Fox News Van to the heliport twice. Both times carrying her dog."

The doctor has been here for six days, volunteering for the state. But the federal government has control now. "You can't do anything if you're not with the feds," he says. "A couple of days ago, there were people being murdered left and right. I treated this one lady at the airport, a stranded tourist. She just stepped outside of her hotel. They beat her over the head, broke her jaw, and raped her."

4 Sep 2005

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. What has happened there is a terrible tragedy. (And if I had the energy, I'd come up with some other way to say "terrible tragedy" that wasn't quite so tired.) If you are so inclined, your hard-won cash can be given to one of many charities to help the victims. You might check out Network for Good or Charity Navigator first.

(I'm banishing my ugly thoughts on government malfeasance for right now.)

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