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Last update: 22 Apr 2006 -- 6:13pm
22 Apr 2006

The sequel to V for Vendetta (below): C for Cookie

20 Apr 2006

Inside Man (IMDB 7.4|Rot 89%)
A caper/heist movie with great actors and a good conceit(s) for the plot. All together, though, these only ended up making a good, but not great, movie. A poor editing choice early on made the pivotal twist (of many twists) predictable (at least to me). There's some really good stuff in the middle, but the biggest moments felt weak to me. Worth a rent. (Better than Ocean's 12, not as good as Ocean's 11.)

V for Vendetta (IMDB 8.2|Rot 75%)
I haven't read the comic in a long time, so I wasn't poisoned much with comparisons. The movie was pretty good, but I felt the plot sagged under the weight of the metaphor with our current government. It was unneeded. There's a lot of story to tell and perhaps some of it should have been left out rather than left dangling or not making sense. That said, there are parts which are very good: I liked Stephen Fry's character, V is done well considering that his face is literally a mask for the entirety of the movie, V's end is handled well.

The ending left me a bit disappointed, though. The event should have felt epic and world-shifting. Instead it felt flat. I don't want to say much more as I don't want to give too much away.

Still, a good movie, but not one which will foment "regime change" at home.

(I saw this when it came out and forgot to post.)

Slither (IMDB 7.0|Rot 84%)
This is a great horror/zombie movie. There's a lot of great dialog, and the script is entirely deadpan; no winking, nudging, or other deconstruction is done. It's often very funny even though (or maybe because) it's played straight. Stars Nathan Fillion (of Firefly) as the small-town sherrif that all such movies seem to have.

If you like zombie or "gross" movies at all, go see it. (It's not particularly scary.)

5 Apr 2006

My plasma TV is almost dead. For no apparent reason, it has gone a bit dim and the signal is also blown out (which seems an odd combination). It's still viewable, but just barely. So, I call the local NEC Plasmasync 42MP3 fix-it place and they say that they do fix them, but that it's not worth it. It's $1100 minimum since the thing that goes wrong on them is the scanout board and that can only be fixed at the factory instead of in-house.

He said it'd be smarter to just buy a new one (and no, they don't sell them so he wasn't trying scam me that way). He then said that I shouldn't get a plasma, though, and that I should get an LCD instead.

I've owned the TV for about 6 years now. It's not noticable during regular viewing, but during troubleshooting (read: tapping and knocking circuit boards) I had a flat gray signal going into it and noticed the burn-in. The TiVo borders, "Now Playing", and the Sci-Fi channel "bug" were clearly visible. Like I said, not at all noticable during normal use, but the burn-in is there.

Sigh. Now I need to get a new TV. Can I even imagine going back to something less than 42"?

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