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Last update: 26 Jun 2007 -- 12:20am
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26 Jun 2007

Off to (the currently scorching) New York for Empire Day!

21 Jun 2007

William Shatner, Intergalactic Lover
William Shatner, Lounge Singer


Bad Spock Drawings

20 Jun 2007

Cities is gay friendliest MMO

More on the Rainbow Prom

9 Jun 2007

By the leave of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Baron Shannon, by the grace of Muon Hotep and other Parties Aetherial, of Hudson du Nord and Mountains Adirondak and His other Territories of the Californian Coast Host, Comestible to Blackflies, Lord of the Dance, Defender of all that Does Not Suck, Your Mileage May Vary, D.D.S, Esq.

Henceforth commands your performance at

The n+16th Annual

Your presence will be tolerated and shortly thereafter demanded
commencing at your leisure on
30 Jun 2007
and ending at precisely 12.00 GMT on
8 Jul 2007

At the Twin Trees Parliament Building
(while in session)



Empire Day is the day that the North American colonies were officially brought into the British Union, bringing about a peaceful end to a potentially destabilizing rebellion. By the grace of Parties Aetherial, Nature, and Providence, this union cemented the British Empire as the world's preeminent temporal power. The likes of which the World has never seen before, etc. etc.

Empire Day celebrates all things British. Some festive suggestions:

  • Paint your auto with the Union Flag
  • Prepare a curry
  • Have a few pints at the pub
  • Sing Rule, Britannia!
  • Wear a pith helmet
  • Praise BBC2
  • Practice your stiff upper lip
  • Learn British colloquialisms: "Quite!", "Brilliant!", "What's all this then?!", "Is Doctor Who on the telly?"
  • Avoid the use of the Euro
  • Gin and Tonics all around!
  • Colonize something
  • Watch reruns of the Queen's Christmas Broadcast
  • I humbly await your further suggestions in the comments.

4 Jun 2007

Hilarious: Steam Trek: The Moving Picture

My cousin, Noah, was killed in a car accident last Saturday.

ALBANY -- The six former college fraternity brothers had a reunion weekend planned. They'd catch the Red Sox-Yankees game in Boston on Friday. Then they'd head back to Albany College of Pharmacy for the reunion barbecue and fireworks Saturday night.

But the college community and relatives of the men are now in mourning after two of the alumni died in a car accident on the Massachusetts Turnpike on Saturday morning as they drove to the Capital Region from Boston.

One of them, 33-year-old Mario Zeolla of East Greenbush, was a popular professor at the Albany school who had a 1-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. The other, Noah Sorensen, 32, lived in Rexford and worked in the benefit-management business. [...]

Zeolla and Sorensen were sitting in the third row of a Ford Expedition at about 9:10 a.m. when the driver, Brendan O'Hara of North Carolina, swerved left to avoid a deer in the road near Southborough. The sport utility vehicle traveled into the center median, rolled over and ejected Zeolla and Sorensen, police said. Neither was wearing a seat belt.

Two passengers in the middle row of the SUV -- Larry Frederick of Niskayuna and Jason Southworth of North Carolina -- also weren't wearing seat belts and suffered minor injuries.

The front-row passenger, Joseph Harrigan of Albany, was wearing a seat belt and did not get hurt. The 34-year-old is an Albany police officer, said Albany College of Pharmacy spokesman Ron Lesko. Harrigan had started at the school with the five others, all of them 1997 graduates, but did not finish there.

The accident remains under investigation, Massachusetts State Police Lt. Eric Anderson said Sunday. It does not appear that speed or alcohol played any role in the crash. [...]

They had gathered to play cards on Thursday night, and got together again to play golf on Friday morning, Lesko said.

Zeolla and Sorensen were inseparable during their years at Albany College of Pharmacy, where both played soccer. One mutual friend described Sorensen as a great guy who loved golf, never had a harsh word and was always available if someone needed him. His father, Gary A. Sorensen, graduated from the pharmacy school in 1968. [...]

(From the Times Union)

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