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Officially AFK

My departure from Cryptic has been made official.

After successfully launching Free for All, our stalwart Champions Online Executive Producer Shannon "Poz" Posniewski has left Cryptic to vacation, explore Africa and climb a storied mountain. No joke. Shannon is planning on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

"Working at Cryptic Studios has been incredible for me. Both the Cryptic team and its fans are amazing, and working with them over the last eight years has been hugely rewarding," said Shannon. "I'm very proud of everything we've done for Champions Online: Free for All, and I know there's more great stuff coming. But for me it's time to recharge a bit; for something new and completely different. I'm thinking open skies, tall mountains and perhaps death by exposure."

Stepping up to run Champions Online and lead our free-to-play heroic MMO into a bold new future is our own beloved super-producer, Rob Overmeyer.

"I have been part of the Champs team since day one and it has been quite an adventure," said Rob. "I look forward to continuing that adventure and seeing Champions get better and better with each new day. Believe me when I say the most exciting part is still on the road ahead."

UPDATE: Shannon has apparently been set upon by Giant Gray Apes in the far-flung reaches of Africa while questing for precious diamonds. Thankfully, he appears to have his trusty diamond-laser handy so that he can deliver swift, burning justice to his simian foes.

Our fans had also noticed that I hadn't been too vocal for a while, and had started stalking me looking here to see if they could get any clues. Now they know! (Hello, fans!) Rob is doing awesome work; Champs is in good hands.