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Crushed Board

The last time I rode my board was the ill-fated trip to Telluride last year when I broke my ribs. I had the board bag open several times since then, but I never pulled the board all the way out-- at least when I wasn't high on painkillers. Anyway, the corner got chewed up by the airline (a year ago). This amount of damage (delaminated, bent edge, etc) isn't worth fixing, so I'll be getting a new board.

Besides the fact that the board had years left in it, it's irritating because I don't know boards really. I will now need to go educate myself on them enough that I don't feel idiotic. I'm sure the $600 board (by far not the most expensive) will ride great. But will the $400 board be just as good for me? It's sad when decision-making is the most taxing part of this for me. And I'll have to find a replacement "skeleton pirate sipping cocktials" decal.