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I Told You So...

Flashback to four years ago on Foam Totem:

Years ago, the Republicans came up with the epithet "Tax and Spend Liberal", which they used to paint pretty much any Democrat regardless of their fiscal proclivities. Considering the current policy of cutting taxes (largely for those who don't need them cut) and vast spending (for the war, for social programs they promised, and pork for interests they are beholden to) I think a label is needed to brand candidates which support such silliness.

"Pawn and Spend Republican" is a good one, I think.

I rather like "Spend and Pray Republican" too. Pray that someone will be able to pay for it later on. [...]

L.A. Noire Update

I'm about to go play more L.A. Noire. I've played about 6 hours of it now.

In B&W mode, the iffy material shaders aren't noticable. I need to do the crime scenes in color though so I can see what is and isn't blood. The cases are pretty good, but it's clear to me that something isn't right about who I'm arresting at the conclusions which makes the cases less than satisfying. I assume that this will be resolved at some point, but it was pretty obvious to me from early on. I feel a bit like I'm going through the motions as I wait for the other shoe to drop.

My solution to the stupid rock/paper/scissors thing? I play with a walkthrough next to me to check my answers beforehand. I decide what I would answer, and then see if the designer was too clever. There was once instance where the suspect was telling the truth, but I was supposed to say that he was lying in order to get more info or something. That's just dumb. I think "Lie" really means "Evidence"; meaning that you have evidence about the question/answer.

L.A. Noire

Started playing L.A. Noire last night. I don't entirely hate it yet.

I think the Truth/Doubt/Lie mechanic is deeply flawed. You either choose the right answer or you simply fail. There's no undo, no reload, nor any way to re-do the interrogation or even try to bring the conversation around again. Worse, when the actor says something entirely truthful, you still must "doubt" sometimes to pump them for more information. So, I feel like I'm playing a guessing game with the designer rather than really interrogating the witness, which pulls me way out of the experience.

(Reminds me of the Bethesda games where it has several choices for what to say, and then the character says something entirely different. It's vexing; they need to stop doing that.)