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In the Future...

There will be only one pharmaceutical company.

This is the logical conclusion, given the increasing prevalence of MegaPharma company mergers to form GigaPharma companies.

You will buy your pharmaceuticals from us, at the price we set, and you will like it. Anti-trust? Pshaw. God bless the pharmaceutical industry.

No, I'm not just bitter. Here's some cold hard proof:

Warner-Lambert and Pfizer: now it's official. The frightening part is that Pfizer-Warner-Lambert is only the second-largest pharmaceutical company in the world as of this minute (I believe that Glaxo SmithKline is still larger). The other mind-boggling bit: American Home Products will be paid $1.8 billion (the largest breakup fee in history) to sever its contract with Warner-Lambert.

as seen by High Priestess Michele Liguori

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