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In the Future...

You broadcast your thoughts during lovemaking.

Once wireless nanomechanical network devices become available, one of their first uses is as Neural Transceivers (neurts). Neurts are injected into the fluid of the brain and migrate to individual neurons. Once there, they monitor and influence thoughts at a neural level. Officially and publicly used for virtual worlds and intellect augmentation, a hacker figures out how to virtually cross-wire the neurts from more than one person.

A small box can link neurts from several people together, allowing them to share thoughts and sensations. This commune of the spirit launches a hundred new religions, not the least of which are the "Community of Brothers and Sisters." The Community believes that Commune can be experienced with only one other person at a time and provides special Commune Cells at their temples for these one on one encounters.

as seen by 33rd Degree Personal Savior Shannon Posniewski

Number 49
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