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The Orb of Hotep has spent countless millenia watching us. It is a fickle and moody device; sometimes quietly humming, sometimes angrily crunching, sometimes brilliantly flourescing. And now its purpose has been revealed. Its fantastically complicated internal workings have now whirred, churned, sparkled, and done complex chi squared analyses to determine specific outcomes from current trends.

The Orb of Hotep tells us of the FUTURE.

Peer in the Orb of Hotep and you shall find the vast array of alternate futures which await us. With patience and a few stiff drinks, you will see the truth of these possibiltities.

The Orb of Hotep is merely a guide in these infinite possibilities, it does not create them. It is the messenger. It is the prophet.

The Orb of Hotep does not give explanations. It gives facts from our splintered after-now. However, if you meditate on a fact and believe that you know how it came to pass, tell the Orbal Priests of your insight.

Gaze into the Orb of Hotep


Tell the Orb of Hotep about a new vision

(Caution: Do not taunt the Orb of Hotep.)

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