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1994 - Goggle Hunt

We had just gotten a huge clip-art library in where I was working. (I think it came as part of the Corel Shovelware.) Anyway, I thought the art was tragic, but I was fascinated by the index to the clip art. All of these pictures were shown in thumbnail form, all the same size. They also had these stange names under them; it was as if the index was a huge pictoral dictionary of items found on planet Earth.

The title "Goggle Hunt" occurred to me (originating, I believe, with Beer Goggles) and the rest flowed from my adroit scissors and transparent tape.

Fundamentally, the map itself is unchanged from the 1993 map. I learned after the first year to make each element separate, copy them, and then tape bits of the copies together to make the invite. I can then reuse the items in future invites.

I particularly like the esctatic woman wearing the surreal pretzel-goggles I fashioned.

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