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1995 - Seance


I had been reading a number of Masonic, Babylonian, Assyrian, and Illuminati-type things around this time. This sort of led to the idea of having Cthulu invite everyone. I figured that you wouldn't be able to turn down an invitation from an Elder God.

I made a great big list of odd, conspiratorial, illuminatus-like quotes and spent a few hours finding just the right font for each one.

Note, at this point, that art provided by my own hand had more or less been completely replaced by a harmonious arrangement of clipped items. A complete invite is often completely covered with transparent tape from all of the bits I put together.

The map was inspired by my recent job change. I was working at MapInfo, which does a lot of mapping stuff. So, this is the first accurate map to Twin Trees. This is also the first time the written directions make an appearance.

No, I have no idea where "Oliver Cromwell... is Mary Stuart Masterson" came from. It just showed up in the list of quotes. You decide what nefarious, ineffable forces placed it there.

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