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1996 - Freak Show

This year's theme was actually suggested by the font I used. I was diddling around and chose the poster/wild west/blocky font you see and I knew what the theme was to be. At this point, MapInfo had a T1 connection and now I had the whole Internet to find interesting pictures. And so I did.

For those not in the know, the taboo ceremony with five rules refers to a game called Cosmic Encounter (which had previously and continues to claim many, many hours of our lives).

The 1995 map didn't photocopy very well, so I knew I needed a new one. In addition, we have contingents which live in Ohio and Broadalbin. So, I made a new map by roughly tracing the major roads from a Rand-McNally atlas. The written directions are fundamentally the same, and the quotes seemed appropriate.

The wedding referred to was Eric and Jess Dehaemer's.

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