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1997 - Return of the Enchanted Tiki

Originally planned as the "Enchanted Tiki Cruise", 1997 became the "Return of the Enchanted Tiki". I was having a hard time coming up with something interesting to put on the invite for a "Cruise", maybe because I though an Actual Group Enchanted Tiki Cruise would be cool.

Anyway, research on Tiki and the like found that Tiki were representative of many gods. So, I decided to come up with a wealth of Tiki for the set of gods we seemed to be in contact with. In addition, I created the new official ambassador and host of Fourth of July: Muan-Hotep.

Upon arriving at Twin Trees I found that my family had created a couple of big standing Tiki for ambiance.

Fundamentally, the map was a duplicate of the 1996 map.

This year, I renumbered the Fourth of Julys. You see, I had started with merely "The Fourth of July Party." The next year was the "Nth Annual." The year after that was the "N+1st Annual." Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, our group had actually gotten together for Fourth previous to that. So, actually, the first one at Twin Trees was the Nth annual.

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