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1998 - Pirate Jamboree

Arrr, pirates and their kin have often been invoked during our gatherings, so I decided to officially celebrate them with a Pirate Jamboree. The thought of a "Pirate Jamboree" was very funny to me at the time. Boy Scouts have Jamborees. Pirates have Keelhauling. Pirates having a Jamboree sounded so... festive.

The Internet came to the rescue again, providing me an appropriate image of sedentary pirates partying it up on the beach and a number of pirate flags.

A gimmick this year was supposed to be a little pirate flag to fly on your car antenna. I had looked up all of the flags you see and was going to make a couple of each. Then everyone could look up what pirate they were supposed to be, etc. Well, although I figured out how to make the flags (cutting them from them bottom of a black T-shirt yields a ready-made pocket for the antenna) I didn't have enough time to make them. Alas!

The map is meant to look like a treasure map, and took me longer to draw than I will admit. It is based on the 1996 map.

Muon-Hotep makes his second appearance as one of the Pirates who has a flag.

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