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18 Nov 99

I was looking through my old Image Systems files in search of information about Manhattan (a file system/document management system which used database queries instead of a standard directory structure). Strangely, I can't find anything from the work I did on Manhattan. However, I have a slew of memos I've written (flames, status reports, etc.) and a lot of my email.

I have no email from before mid 1992, unfortunately, and a obviously pruned my email in the following years. One thing I noticed is that I used to communicate a lot by email. Not just important status crap, but everyday work.

I have totally forgotten about a lot of things from back then. Although I have only one example here, I did a lot of managment at the end of my career at IST. You can sense the difference in tone between the status reports at the end and a couple years earlier.

Just to throw you on the wayback machine, then, here's a couple representative samples.

I did this a while ago with stuff which reflected the changes at Image Systems. This time, I try to show the day to day activities. This time, all the mail was sent by myself.

alicia, jpr feexes Mon 10 Aug 92 20:38
bohley All of those nasty 00co* files. Thu 13 Aug 92 19:26
djk@rover Slash Commands Thu 3 Sep 92 15:30
cjk@imagesys.com ug! Thu 17 Sep 92 15:35
alicia, smb, mfb, cjk Billions and billions of IREF and ROPS Tue 1 Dec 92 20:03
dmg, gam, smb, alicia, eh, mfb, jpr, cjk GSX 2.0 Development Info Letter Mon 7 Dec 92 10:20
dmg, gam, smb, alicia, eh, mfb, jpr, cjk Dev non-Release F of GSX 2.0 Mon 7 Dec 92 10:23
dmg, gam, smb, alicia, eh, mfb, jpr, cjk, kgb, mbd GSX rev C Thu 25 Mar 1993 11:51
jjr (John J. Racz), joh (Jim Harrigan) Dangerous Grass Wed 12 May 1993 21:57
development Programming Update Mon 15 Nov 1993 23:00
dap@softdesk.com CAD Overlay and RasterCore team status Fri 15 Jul 1994 17:15

Date: Mon, 10 Aug 92 20:38:10 EDT
To: alicia, jpr
Subject: feexes

Oh Tay,

I have hopefully fixed the entity caching bugs. The changes have been put back. I've been using them with rev X since about 3:30pm Monday with no problem. (Including flushes, etc.)

Plotting without an image pasted was tough, but I think I fixed it. I am unsure as to the ramifications of my change, though. (I modified regen_raster in drivtool.c, so it's anybody's guess as to what I messed up in the process.) (We're up to rev 185 in drivtool!)

In addition, db.c has been modified. I crippled some functions which should be unused (and are terribly misleading to the programmer.) They are stubbed with a hard-coded error message that I should be called immediately. I'll take them out tomorrow after doing the 2 zillion greps necessary to figure out if they are used. (/SC is modified, /SS and /SR should produce the errors.)

Alicia, this version is vastly superior to X in that it works. Even if there are some sundry strange things, I'd cut a master (at least a driver update). X's driver is simply worthless.

I'm going to go home and get some sleep.


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Date: Thu, 13 Aug 92 19:26:13 EDT To: bohley Subject: All of those nasty 00co* files. In-Reply-To: The Gods

OK, here's the scoop on our temporary files. Much of this information will probably not matter to you. Although each of these filenames begins with "00co", the "00" will change if there are stale lock files or multiple users using the same temp directory.

ESP 4.0 files -------------------------------------------------------------

Segment files

00cofd -- File Description Segment 00cord -- Raster Image Data Segment 00corh -- Raster Image Header Segment 00cori -- Raster Image Index Segment 00coir -- Image Reference Data Segment 00coop -- Raster Operation Segment 00covh -- Vector Header Segment 00covd -- Vector Data Segment 00cosv -- System Variables 00coxo -- This was the "unknown" seg, now it's the CALS segment 00coff -- Free-form segment

Utility Temporary files Most of these are used so that the main image isn't destroyed if an error occurs. The main image (00cord) is unlinked and this file renamed to 00cord at the end of successful processing.

00coarg -- argument file to a utility 00cobis -- bias temp file 00coskw -- deskew temp file 00cofil -- filter temp file (obsolete) 00coinv -- invert temp file 00comrg -- merge temp file 00corot -- rotate temp file 00cospec -- despeckle temp file 00coras -- rasteriz temp file (obsolete) 00coffee -- Psychoactive Botanical Filtrate during smoking chain 00cot1rd -- temporary raster data file during plot chain 00cot2rd -- temporary raster data file during plot chain

Other temporary files Most of these are used by the CAD Overlay driver and lisp to coordinate calling utilities and pass information.

00colok -- The infamous lock file. 00colut -- LUT file (internal driver entity info file) 00coscr -- plot script file 00coswp -- swap file (probably unused) 00corr -- raster reference file (now obsolete, used in 3.5)

AutoCAD Script files Used to automate the Plot command, mostly. These files are held open by AutoCAD and are often difficult to delete. We are working on it.

00cotmp0.scr 00cotmp1.scr

GS and GSX segment files (unused in ESP 4.0)

00corp -- Raster Palette 00corg -- Raster Histogram 00cor8 -- 8 Bit Raster Header

Reserved but completely unused files These files will probably never be used by Image Systems.

00cosh -- Snapshot Header Segment 00cosd -- Snapshot Data Segment 00coih -- Icon Header Segment 00coid -- Icon Data Segment (or possibly where my ego is hid) 00cogod -- Contains the 9 billion names of God 00cobim -- Unrecoverable, Undeterminable Application Error 00corpse -- Program died 00codpc -- Created by internal virus on every February 29, 1988 00codfsh -- fishy error ocurred in driver 00cobjob -- ESP 4.0 program files 00cohab -- Created when VB and ESP are living together on the same PC 00corny -- Contains Dave Geoghegan's last joke 00costly -- The number of sqaure feet of paper wasted by PRVPI 00coven -- Witch file is this? 00coward -- I wouldn't delete this if I were you

Share and Enjoy!


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Date: Thu, 3 Sep 92 15:30:35 EDT To: djk@rover Subject: Slash Commands


Directly from our source file, procmd.c, here is the complete list of slash commands.


* Here are the currently supported commands: * /A -- set variables * /AP -- set packet buffer pointer * /AR -- set rlcio variables * /AS -- set system variables * /AT -- set tmpload variable * /A? -- query system variables * /DC+ -- turn entity count checking on (default) * /DC- -- turn entity count checking off * /DE -- End session * /DH -- clear highlights * /DV -- set acad version * /D+ -- Turn on driver * /D- -- Shut off driver * /DS -- Start session * /DP -- Pump AutoCAD command out when possible. * /DR -- Driver reset * /DZ -- Zoom dynamic * /DL+ -- Use display list - DLON * /DL? -- Query display list status * /D= -- Sync driver * /IN -- Image name * /IG -- Regen everything * /IA -- Allocate entity * /ID -- Dump entity * /I * /I+ -- New image * /I- -- Remove image * /I= -- Remove image * /I? -- Get image iname * /I?? -- Get image iname, but don't check authorization code * /VN -- number of allowable viewports * /VZ -- set y size * /VX -- set center x * /VY -- set center y * /SS -- save segment * /SR -- restore segment * /SC -- copy segment * /SP -- write string to arg file * /SD -- dump segment * /SF * /SM -- sync to memory * /FC -- copy file * /FD -- delete file * /RO -- Set one-snap mode * /RA -- prompt (Ask) for one-snap * /XF -- Display available fds (debugging only) * /XS -- Display info about fd (debugging only) * / * / * / * / *

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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 15:35:27 EDT To: cjk@imagesys.com (Curt Krone) (Curt Krone) Subject: ug! In-Reply-To: <9209171843.AA00667@dino.imagesys.com>; from "Curt Krone" at Sep 17, 92 2:43 pm

> > > >> > >> fitscale should be called when pasting or iref/inserting an image. > >> > >> image_fitscale should be used for image/sc and iref/modify/scale. > >> > >> Poz > >> > > > >Oops, forgot you mail-name... > > Me mail-name Tarzan. What you mail-name? >

Me Tantor!

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Date: Tue, 1 Dec 92 20:03:57 EST To: alicia, smb, mfb, cjk Subject: Billions and billions of IREF and ROPS

OK, I made the changes to swabseg.h and the format converters which will allow as many IREFs as are put into the file.

The make is running overnight.

What remains is the following:

Alicia/Michele: modifications to QPLOT so that it handles more than one ROP segment. Remove the check on the number of IREFs.

Alicia: Make COPLOT capable of writing more than one ROP entry in the queue. Make sure there is no limit placed on the number of irefs. Think about the ramifications of >50 rops in masker and flush.

Shawn: Make ESPLOT treat IREFs individiually. (Both I8 and IR.)

Curt: Centralize the hardcoding of limits for ROPS and IREFs to a single accessible place.

Shannon: Talk to JRA about how this hoses ViewBase.

Anything else?

These changes are not astronomically important, but since my changes are in the library, plotting won't work until the plot chain things are done. So, tell me if you will need more than the end of the day Thursday.


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Date: Mon, 7 Dec 92 10:20:08 EST To: shannon, dmg, gam, smb, alicia, eh, mfb, jpr, cjk Subject: GSX 2.0 Development Info Letter

CAD Overlay GS/GSX 2.0 Development Info Letter 7 Dec 92

This week's host: The Lord of Time and Space (Email all corrections and clarifications to Shannon.)

Functional Spec -----------------------------------------------------------

The functional spec is more or less firmed up. (The fruit is actually now in suspension in the Jello.)

We will probably be supporting 8-bit color TIFF files (only). Continue to stay tuned for development specs.

Time Frame ---------------------------------------------------------------

The milestone for a complete product is 18 Dec 1992. We are currently right on schedule. The TIFF stuff has been almost completed, and is now in the debugging phase.

In the meantime, we've gone ahead with other items (QPLOT).

What this continues to mean is that we won't be shipping before RasterWorld.

Implementation Spec -------------------------------------------------------

The GS/GSX 2.0 Bible does not yet have the new command structure in it. I'll get to it someday, when the new command structure is complete.

Milestones ----------------------------------------------------------------

Short term goals (until 7 Dec): Add TIFF support to utilities. More IREF plotting. Further work on queue plotting.

Long term goals: DONE! 1. View IGS files. (Using ESP 4.0 as the basis for changes.) DONE! 2. View bytemaps. (Bytemaps will be our new internal format.)

DONE! 3. Plot GS raster to scale through the plot chain. - Confuser, rasterop (scaler), and at least one print driver are done.

DONE! 3.5. Plot GS raster to landscape and portrait. - Rotate is added

DONE! 4. Plot correlated raster and vector. - rasterizer will need to be changed to take a bitmap. - other stuff will surely come up.

DONE! 4.5 Add RMASKs to plots. - A masker utility will have to be written to create the RMASKs. Rasterop will then use the maskfile to mask out portions of the image.

done? 4.75 Display IREFs. - TIFF library - Requires the driver to read them.

IP 5. Add IREFs to plots. - Rasterop and ESPLOT must be modified. - Requires the driver to read them and a library to do so.

New Projects --------------------------------------------------------------

(The following is not yet implemented:) We came up with the need for a non-drawing, "editing" color. We need it for masks and plotting. The decision was to reserve color 255 for this purpose. When we paste an image, any pixels which are 255 are changed to 254. 255 was chosen since 16 and 64 color images won't be affected at all.

Current Projects ----------------------------------------------------------

DONE! - completed since last info letter done? - mostly done, bugs here and there or changes likely IP- number of days of work left. No number is unknown. (blank) - Not being worked on right now. In the queue. OS - Other stuff not in GS/GSX being worked on. NOT - cancelled items

Poz: done? IREFs in the driver done? TIFF writing and reading library (with Gary) ESP 4.0 and GSX 2.0 plot compatibility (pickpt getting wrong info) Look into color display. IP GS Project management

Curt: done? Dorking with command structure IP Get well (pickpt getting wrong info)

Dave: done? Rasterop (bugs with left/right clipping, dropping runs) OS (Sun4 port of ESP 4.0)

Shawn: IP Make important raster printer drivers take bitmap IP Queue plot support Add RLC output to confuser ESP 4.0 and GSX 2.0 plot compatibility done? ESPLOT (Will be modified as we go)

Gary: done? TIFF writing and reading library (with Poz) IP Writing stripped files bytemap to TIFF converter other converters

Alicia: done? config (waiting for fine tuning) OS (Sun4 port of ESP 4.0)

Michelle: done? QPLOT changes. OS (ViewBase 4.0)

---------------------------------- End ------------------------------------

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Date: Mon, 7 Dec 92 10:23:13 EST To: shannon, dmg, gam, smb, alicia, eh, mfb, jpr, cjk Subject: Dev non-Release F of GSX 2.0

Release F is in /t (or t:) as gsx-f.zip.

Unzip it (after creating your GS directory) with: pkunzip -d t:gsx-f.zip

It will make subdirectories.

Here is the readmeor.die file which come with it:

GSX 2.0 Development Non-release F "F is for Feature-Latent" 7 Dec 92

New things: - Preliminary TIFF support: reading and writing of 8,4, and 1 bit TIFF images. - IREFs - More or less final command structure - Editing commands for main image

Known Bugs: - Editing commands for reference images don't work. (But the lisp is there...) - IREF and TIFF support is still buggy. Please note carefully any strange occurances.

The following is not included on this release (although much is complete): - All of plotting



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Subject: GSX rev C To: shannon, dmg, gam, smb, alicia, eh, mfb, jpr, cjk, kgb, mbd (Mary Beth Dukes) Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1993 11:51:01 -0500 (EST)

I am planning on making the next cut of GSX (C is for Chafe) for Monday morning. Because of this, I need all changes for this rev by noon on Friday.

Deadline for revisions: NOON FRIDAY.

Your for a better CAD Overlay, poz

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Subject: Dangerous Grass To: jjr (John J. Racz), joh (Jim Harrigan) Date: Wed, 12 May 1993 21:57:24 -0500 (EDT)

In rev G, Dave fixed the funky garbage which showed up on the left of images after crops. He also fixed the strange stuff going on in the middle of the image. These are fixes which should be tested with rev G.

In addition, there is a disk labeled "Potentially Dangerous Grass" on my computer. This _may_ fix off-by-one pixel errors. It may crash your machine. It may make you sterile. Please give it a try (I'm sure you're both psyched after that "sterile" quip).

Besides doing redit crops, do some plot testing with it. If it don't work, write it up on paper (not database) and tell me.


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Subject: Programming Update To: development Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1993 23:00:49 -0500 (EST)

I'd just thought I'd let you all know that I hate the Windows GDI. If I ever find the person or persons responsible for writing or designing it (if how it is implemented can be called "designed") I am going to give them a sound thrashing.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.


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Subject: CAD Overlay and RasterCore team status To: dap@softdesk.com Date: Fri, 15 Jul 1994 17:15:52 -0400 (EDT)

Development Lead Programmer Report 15 Jul 94

Development Group: ICore and CAD Overlay Teams

Development Resources: dmg, cjk, gam, ads, poz, mp, jmr, mfb, smb Troy Testing Resources: smr, gav, djk, mrb Henniker Testing Resources:


[complete] Bugfixes Solidified Installation of Template files Worked on Patch for Windows Added help commands

[ongoing] More bug fixes

[roadblocks] DMG worked Mon/Tuesday on G4 Library for Coned Need more full-time testers to ensure 3Q release

[questions] What is the update of ESP 4.0 Windows going to be called: 4.01, 4.10, 4.11, 13.13?

GSX Win 2.0

[complete] Fixed problems in displaying 4-bit color images. Fixed problems cropping regions to rmasks. Fixed memory allocation for input lines in deskew. Cut source code tree for GSX Win. Fixed problem with histogram window when comem was enabled.

[ongoing] Fix display of raster to be pixel accurate. (For tiling of images).

ESP 4.0 Japanese Solaris 2.2

[complete] Sent out a new translation kit for Japanese Solaris ESP 4.0.

[ongoing] Still waiting to hear from KEL that all is well with that project.


[complete] Welcomed Brad into our own little source code hell.

[ongoing] Added memory management stuff (SmartHeap) Did more work for editing: started adding line drawing.

R13 Port

[ongoing] No progress this week since GSX takes priority

Plotting: Translation of Oce demo plot pascal program for Electrabel

[complete] given to testing

Plotting: CC4 driver for Con Ed Viewbase (used for overviews)

[ongoing] Will be started when Oce is complete

ConEd VBTools Update (Since John Anderson is on Vacation)

[to do] CC4 driver complete by end of next week Rebuild viewer so that it uses CC4 files Resource file merge program Make new release disks



[ongoing] JMR and MP doing more ConEd stuff (see JRA's status report).

General Road Blocks / Concerns: Our ancient revision of PVCS messes up date/time on Solaris. We need to upgrade. We hope to get an evaluation version of the most recent PVCS for DOS, Windows, and Solaris to see if it still works in our system. We need to get GNU C++ and install it on the Solaris machines, since Sun C++ is too expensive and will take too long to get licensed.

- End -

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