October 23, 2003


Being a svelte programmer is meant to be a permanent state; I'm trying to make sustainable diet and exercise (and hopefully weight and fitness) changes. So I'm not starving myself or going insane with fitness stuff. At the beginning I did more (i.e. the half-diet) since I needed to change enough that I really noticed it.

Anyway, here's the latest:

I'm pretty stable at between 8 and 10 pounds lost right now. I eat pretty much the same stuff as did over the last few weeks in this log. (Yesterday, small salad, slice of pizza.) I think that I look a lot different, but I'll let you be the judge the next time you see me. (And if you think it's for the better :-)

Until last week, I was going to the gym each weekday. Two days of kick boxing and three days of general fitness classes (all largely aerobic). I probably over-trained a bit and both of my knees didn't feel quite right. At least they both felt odd at the same time.

They weren't bad or specifically painful, but they were sore in a different way than just plain overworked muscles. The feeling was more like chin-splints but in/over/around the kneecaps. It was not a sharp pain, nor did I feel it unless I was bending my knees. I consider it a vague warning. So, I talked with the trainer and I'm taking a break and doing specific knee-oriented exercises for the next three weeks. (Two weeks are left.)

I have found that not having a class which I am supposed to go to means that I end up not going to the gym. So, I half-heartedly do the exercises at night in front of the TV. I don't get any aerobic exercise this way, though. I expect a bit of slippage because of this break, but we'll see. There's been no weight or girth gain yet.

Bored with minutia yet?

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October 17, 2003

Dieter Disclaims Demise

(AP - San Jose, CA) A spokesman for The Svelte Programmer (a wholly owned subsidiary of foamtotem.org, LLP) blamed a tight work schedule and general malaise and depression over the lack of significant quantifiable change for TSP's hiatus.

"He got sick of looking at the litany of '7.0 lost, 6.5 lost, 7.0 lost...'", said the high-ranking official, "and decided that instead of dwelling on it, he would take a break for a while and just let things happen as they will." He further speculated that the weight change may be small due to conversion of fat to muscle, though this has not been confirmed by independent auditors.

Insiders say that TSP's diet hasn't changed significantly from that seen over the course of the recent, documented past. The meal known by insiders only as "#12" is still a linchpin of the diet.

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October 16, 2003

News Flash

(From the Ackerman Free Press)

Daily Diet Diary Defunct

With more than two weeks elapsed since the last update, the future looks bleak for The Svelte Programmer (TSP to those in-the-know).

Started over three months ago, TSP chronicled the calorie cutting of a "Cryptic" consumer. Details of the day's digestibles were displayed in the daily diary. Starting with "salad and half a slice of pepperoni", a handful of fans hung every entry. What would it be today? Sub? Pizza? Or fan favorite, the #12.

A quick tally shows that over the near three months of activity, over 65 meals contained a sandwich of some kind, almost 40 meals with pizza, 15 meals with salad and in fourth place with an eerie 12 meals is the Johnny Rocket's #12. Highlights include July 21, the purchase of the scale; August 11, Cookies and gym membership; August 16, the anonymous caller; Sept. 23, 9.0 lbs. lost; and September 29, the last #12.

TSP is a subsidiary of the closely held foamtotem.org. It apparently has only one employee and his fate at this time is unknown.

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