November 21, 2003

12.5 lost

The West Lawn Consultant (WLC) sent an update to TSP on his progress: he's down to 197 now, which is a loss of 13 pounds. Woo Hoooo! Like myself, he's had a stagnation in weight loss. We're both going to stick to the fat-muscle (or muscle-fat: read below) conversion theory.

Since my last update where I was stable around 7 lost, I've become stable at 12.5 lost. This is likely because I haven't been to the gym in a month. Look! all those heavy muscles melting away into fat! Heh. After my knees, I've skipped the gym since my back was bothering me in a worrisome fashion and I went to the doctor to see what the deal was.

Long story (which includes changing my doctor to an English-speaking one, etc.) short, I went to a physical therapist guy who pushed on a spot on my back for five minutes. The next day, everything was a million times better. This multiplier (a million) was quantitatively verified.

I still don't know what was the original cause of this pain. I only know the location of the sympthom. It's joint pain as opposed to nerve-damage pain, between L4 and L5. I've had it off and on for maybe three or four years. I can still feel an occasional tightness there, but I'm clear to do just about anything at the gym. So, I'll be returning to physical exertion on Monday.

Oh yeah, the doctor's scale puts me at 198! YMMV.

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November 03, 2003

West Lawn Consultant asks

West Lawn Consultant asks:

I skipped dinner yesterday because I didn't get home from the gym until late. I had a cliff bar at arround 10:15, but am getting a bit hungry. I think that I would like some kind of salad, but there are no good salad places in Reading. So my choices are subway, V&S (cheestakes), Fat Daddys (Pizza) or another cliff bar. So I thought, 'what would TSP do?


In your situation, and given those choices, The Svelte Programmer would probably try to delay another half and hour (have a glass of water) and have the cheese steak as his lunch. The choice of cheese steak over the other meals isn't predicated on anything more than the fact that he likes them and that they are substantial food. If you are craving salad, you can go to Subway and get a veggie sandwich, which has largely the same stuff in it as a salad. At Subway, TSP would get a BMT for WLC.

TSP avoids Clif bars, granola bars, and other snacks like them. They have a lot of calories and not a lot else. If he's actually crashing, then TSP might have one. To aviod post-workout bonk, he drinks Gatorade, which is pretty much the only empty-calorie food he eats.

(Oh yeah, and cookies, but The Svelte Programmer considers them one of the food groups.)

TSP regrets that his advice comes so late to WLC,
The Svelte Programmer

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(AP - Reading PA) In a desprate attempt to increase circulation beyond the Reading PA area, the Reading Eagle has begun a new feature. Modled after the "What would Jared do?" television commercials for Subway, the local paper has introduced "Ask TSP".

"We anticipate that the new feature will greatly increase circulation and appeal to readers who long to read something that is not about a silly political race like the CA governors race or the Philadelphia Mayoral race" the Director of Circulation said.

The first coulmn will appear as soon as TSP responds to the his first question which came from a hungry consultant in the West Lawn PA area.

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